Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal translation in Dubai became one of the major industries there, driven by the massive number of foreign companies operating in the Middle East in Dubai from one side, and the regulations aimed to strengthen and expand the use of Arabic language in the Emirate from another side.

Image of Dubai CitySince Leaders has a pioneer vision to widen its targeted market and outreach its services to those who really need it, where they need it, Leasers decided to start translation services in Dubai in the same professional and trustworthy way of business it promotes. To make things easier, we divided the legal files into four categories:

  • Certificates: which include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and education certificates.
  • Contracts and Agreements: which include memorandums of association, articles of associations, service agent contracts, general contracts and otherwise,
  • Notarial Documents: which basically include power or attorney, cancellation or revocation of them, forms one, two, three and seven demanded by different authorities when establishing a company in Dubai.
  • General Documents: this include, without limitation, singleness, or no-marriage, certificates, medical reports and otherwise.

The legal translation is required in Dubai for any official document to be used with government sectors, whether its Dubai Police, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Municipality, Department of Economic Development and so forth. This type of translation is strictly measured and based on well-known standards which must be fully restricted to in order to have you visa issued, your application approved, and your requirements fulfilled.

When the file comes to Leaders, the process begins with the evaluation of the file in terms of number of pages and delivery time, then the price agreement, collecting the name references from the client, payment and printing the invoice. Once this done, the file goes to the Translation Department to initiate the process according to the type of file, need of specialty in the subject matter and the overall knowledge in the context.

After the translation and proofreading are done, the file is printed and signed by the Legal Translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, scanned for future reference and sent to the Branch with our driver, who is responsible to make sure the on-time delivery. After that, the file is delivered to the client translated, attested and ready.

After the process completes, an employee from the Customer Service Department will randomly choose some clients to contact and check the quality of service in terms of warm reception, manners, high quality of service, advices given and of course the translation itself.

Leaders Legal Translation & Interpretation (LLTI) worked, and works hard to deliver and maintain the best legal translation services possible to all its clients, whether corporates or individuals, through a full spectrum of services including all types of translation demand in the market, armed by the deep knowledge it has in this industry and hands-on experience it gained over the years, in order to enhance the experience of our clients  and save their time, efforts and money, developing a new concept of one-stop shop, in which you can get whatever translation service you may have, plus the ability to guide you all through the process of attestation and legalization for your convenience and peace of mind.