High Quality Conferences Interpretation Services in UAE

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Leaders Translations is one of the most preferred companies for services related to translations, interpretations and copywriting. All these services are provided by our dedicated team of expert team of professionals who are well educated and qualified for their job. Our team has a lot of experience and an in depth knowledge about their work.

Conferences Interpretation:

Interpretation is divided into three categories. All the three categories can be considered by the clients and the most convenient form can be chosen off all the three categories. The first one is the conferences interpretation. In this category of interpretation, conferences are interpreted by our experienced professionals. Conferences interpretation is further done in two types.

  • The interpretation
  • Consecutive translation

Generally the second method is the most preferred one. In consecutive translation, our interpreters listen to the speech given and take down notes which include all the important points and agendas of the conference. After completing this task, out interpreters translate the notes taken into the language as instructed by the client. The translation is then recited in front of the audience present in the conference. Consecutive translation is considered to be better than interpretation as it is not a complicated process and the audience can easily understand the points discussed. Consecutive translation is used when the conference has a small number of people in the audience. This method usually takes longer than the interpretation.

If the conference is to be conducted in a short period of time, then you can consider the interpretation method. The interpreter is present in a soundproof cabinet and keeps interpreting the content continuously by speaking over a microphone. The interpretation is provided in a well formulated way which is easy to understand. The translation reaches the targeted audience through headphones. This method is generally used for international conferences, presentations, speeches, etc.

If the time you have for the meeting is limited, you may consider choosing the interpretation, whereas the audience hears the translated speech of the speaker in the real-time. The interpreter sits in a soundproof cabinet and instantly translates to the target language in a correct and well-formulated way, and speaking to a microphone to enable the participants to hear clearly thought the headphone. It is recommended to use the interpretation for international conferences, training forums, long presentations and important speeches.