Leaders Legal Translation & Interpretation (LLTI) was established to bridge the gap we always see in the translation field between Arabic and other languages, especially when it comes to the legal documents when every word matters.

water drop blue liquid on wordsThe quality of the service is not a matter of choice for Leaders, it is firmly established in everything we do to insure the main message of Leaders is clearly delivered, i.e. to interpret what exactly the file says in the context of the target language, which makes the translated file genuine and organic and gives the feeling that it is originally written in the target language, to avoid the dead texts we see everywhere in this industry.

Legal translation is not out of this path, as it’s harder to comprehend in some contexts, where we try to “ease” the tough language and break down the robust words into understandable ones, using our knowledge and expertise in legal writings, our motivation to do better and our passion towards this profession.

One of the biggest challenges in translation is how to transfer the meaning of the source language into the target language and maintain the loyalty to the text itself, and this challenge gets harder in legal context in order not to render the right wrong or vice versa.

This challenge basically occurs terms that don’t have a corresponding meaning in the target language or has many corresponding meanings. In this case, the translator has to use all the knowledge, experience and smartness he has under his belt to get things correctly translated, which might be almost impossible in some cases when the client wants something else to be written in the target file.

Leaders comes out with a clever and simple solution, when this happens, or when the file is tricky, we translate the file our way and send it to the client with highlighted words to be checked, in order to reach an agreed translation loyal to the text and acceptable to the client.

This technique is a proven way to get the customers satisfaction and trust as we change whatsoever the client wants within the limits the language allows, keeping in mind that the source text is the judgment ground for all sides, the translator, the client and the regulatory authority, i.e. Ministry of Justice.

Again, Leaders as a professional translation services provider hugely respect both the client and the language and tries to be the mediator in between, as our slogan is to “transfeeling you” whether in terms of great and worm welcome or excellent and professional service.